Corporate Events & Galas    
Central Park Conservancy "Inferno"
Mark Morris Gala
Mark Morris Outside
Mark Morris
Mark Morris
Mark Morris
Mark Morris
Opening night of Mark Morris Dance Company's 2004 season. Event lighting production was managed completely by Guy Smith Lighting, throughout the entire Mark Morris Studio building. The exterior, the gallery, and the terraces were lit by centrally controlled ColorKinetics LEDs that gradually changed the color of the building every 40 seconds. The main ballroom was lit by conventional and moving lights. Lighting supplied by See Factor Industries.
Safe Door

Dining Room

Long Table
Dance Floor
Dance Floor 2
Round Table
Sothebys 2
Sothebys 3
Gala honoring the 400th anniversary of the Bodleain Library at Oxford University. The design replicated the lighting of the interior AND exterior of the library, but all on the 7th floor auction floor of Sotheby's Auction House in New York.
Jaegermiester: Jaegertunnel
An all-LED tunnel designed for Jaegermiester's corporate event at the Pierre Hotel. The tunnel colors slowly led the participants into the ballroom, then back out for the dancing portion of the event. The equipment was ColorKinetics.
stage for the Open Center fundraiser. sets by ABC Carpets