Circuit Parties & Dance Events    
Heritage of Pride 36th Annual LGBT PRIDE Pier Dance, lighting by guy smith
26 June 2005, Pier 54, New York City, New York (Click this link to be taken to for photos).
The Saint-At-Large White Party 2001-2004
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The Saint-at-Large White Party moves to a different venue each year. Every design is completely unique, and uses different equipment, from some of the oldest technology (the Coemar Venus M1200) to the newest (the High End DL1 and Catalyst system). All shows are wholly designed , programmed, and operated by Guy Smith on the Whole Hog II board. A typical rig has over 100 moving fixtures and 1500 feet of truss, with 40 motors which adjust the truss formation during the course of the event. Vision Technical Group is the lighting supplier.
The Saint-At-Large Black Party 2002-2003
The Saint-at-Large Black Party is an all night dance party in New York at Roseland Ballroom. Guy has designed this event consecutively for 5 years. The lighting design involves much of the same equipment and technology as the White Party. Again, all shows are wholly designed, programmed, and operated by Guy Smith.
Viva Las Vegas 2004
Four events designed over the course of one weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Two were outdoors in two different spaces, ground supported and powered by generators. One was in the Las Vegas Sports Complex and employed 100 moving lights and moving trusses for the duration of the night. The final show was in the MGM Grand Magic Screen Theater, and was rigged from existing battens. All shows were designed, programmed and operated by Guy Smith, and supplied by Vision Technical Group.
Dancing on the bay
A yearly outdoor dance event hosted on Fire Island, New York. The 2004 event used a 30ft by 30ft by 25ft high self-supporting truss built over the bay on Fire Island with 20 moving lights and 4 disco balls for an evening party. Supplied by Vision Technical Group.
Pines Party Colossus (on the beach at Fire Island, NY) and Caesar's Fever
Pines Day
Pines Far
Pines Far/Night
Pines night
Fever Night
Fever Night 2
Mayan & Roomlook Resolution
Los Angeles dance event.